PRESS RELEASE: Aleksandra Gaca designs textiles 
for Renault SYMBIOZ concept car

The French car manufacturer Renault has approached Aleksandra Gaca to design interior fabrics for the visionary Renault SYMBIOZ concept car, which was unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. SYMBIOZ represents Renault's vision of the mobility for 2030, with an electric, connected and autonomous car that will literally connect to your home.



The Renault SYMBIOZ concept car was conceived as an extension of the home on the road. When parked inside the home, it becomes a mobile, modular and multi-purpose, additional room. The goal of the design was to make sure the cabin was liveable like any modern home. With this concept in mind, Aleksandra Gaca translated Renault's needs into woven form and created a new version of Bloko; a 3D fabric. 



Bloko is a part of the Architextiles collection by Aleksandra Gaca. However, as a pioneer of 3D-woven textiles and an expert in their manufacture, she further improved upon it. Aleksandra adapted the construction of the fabric and used different yarns to give it a strong yet soft quality, making the application of the fabric suitable for the car as well as the home. The new Bloko in two shades of grey, covers the car seats and the upholstery of the large sofa in the home, uniting the two spaces and giving them a touch of warmth and a reassuring, homely feel.




Watch the video Renault SYMBIOZ: concept and vision for mobility




The Renault SYMBIOZ is on display at Frankfurt Motor Show until the 24th of September.
Visitors to the Renault stand will be able to walk around the home, see the fabrics by Aleksandra Gaca and experience the way cars like SYMBIOZ may be interacting with their environment in the future.


Exhibition grounds, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, D-60327 Frankfurt/Main



Images & Video: Courtesy of Renault
Renault SYMBIOZ concept car, fabric Bloko by Aleksandra Gaca

18 September 2017