PRESS RELEASE: Aleksandra Gaca and Renault
Masterly, The Dutch in Milano
17 - 22 April, 2018

At Masterly, an exhibition of Dutch designers at the Palazzo Francesco Turati, Milan(April 17 - 22), designer Aleksandra Gaca presents her latest custom textiles – including Bloko, a new fabric made for Renault’s personal autonomous drive car of the future, SYMBIOZ.


Renault Design has joined forces with Aleksandra to design her exhibition at Masterly, highlighting the importance of her textiles to the innovative Symbioz concept, comprising a concept-car, a house and a demo car. SYMBIOZ represents Renault’s vision of the car of the future and its role in our lives inside and outside the car.



Visitors at Masterly can see the car and a lounge sofa inspired by the SYMBIOZ house – furnished with the same Bloko fabric – that was the other component of the project, underlying the continuity between home and vehicle.  For this exhibition, Renault Design created a new couch as a symbol of the Symbioz house, and Aleksandra has designed a new fabric especially for it – a variation on the Bloko theme. The textured 3D material appears in several contemporary colourways. Sofa and car together are part of a warm, welcoming exhibition where visitors can relax in the lounge-like ambience, see the car from close by, experience the textiles, and learn more about Renault SYMBIOZ. An audiovisual presentation sheds further light on the intriguing project.



Renault SYMBIOZ concept is intended to be an extension of the home, with the same level of comfort. The car brand’s collaboration with Aleksandra Gaca is an important aspect of the project, effectively treating the inside of the vehicle like any other interior.


“For Renault, it was important that the fabric has a warm, soft look and feel, and also that it is sophisticated  and refined,” says Aleksandra. “In creating my textiles, I am searching for innovation, and applying my textiles to cars was one of my ambitions, so I am happy that Renault invited me to work with them.”



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13 February 2018